Christmas Fitness Tips

One of the proponents of stress in our lives, and the health challenges it drags with it, involves not fulfilling our dreams and reaching the plans we’ve made.

If by October, you haven’t yet enjoyed any travel, you will be ready by then, to take a holiday. Someone close will be in the mood to grab a bargain and although this might mean packing your bags immediately, there will be no complaints from you.

You’re eating too much- The problem with obesity in America isn’t because we eat carbohydrates or fat, it’s because we eat too much period! The bottom line is that if you eat more calories than you burn you’re gonna gain weight no matter what.

The lower calorie, moderate protein diet. In order to shed the extra fat, boost your metabolism, and build lean muscle, you have to decrease the amount of calories that you are eating, eat protein at every meal (in some form), and eat more, but smaller meals. Lower calories will help you to get on track for weight loss, but increased protein helps to: increase metabolism, decrease hunger, and support lean muscle growth.

One of the problems we’re all too familiar with is focussing on what we losing; the cost of our sacrifice in attempting to achieve something significant.

Do not Show Off. If you show off at Christmas, you may not be able to ‘show-up’ in the new year 2019 wishes. Do not buy things you don’t need, not what you want to use to fight your passive, imaginary or real enemy. Those you want to show-off to may not be hurt after all, and if they do, it is just once, you can’t hurt them twice, be wise.

So it is with happiness. When you find happiness through a genuine and profound connection with The Source of All There Is, you become a river of happiness and continue the circle of life by giving that happiness away much like the river apportions its resources.

The end of the year is a good time to push your own interests or to offer your support when a friend or loved-one needs it. Some decisions will need quick thinking and although you would prefer more time to deliberate over them, you must take a deep breath and give an answer before 2011 begins.

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