Laguna Niguel Montessori Center

At three-and-a-half, my son was still obstinately refusing to use the potty. No amount of bribery or cajoling could convince our stubborn little guy that he needed to be a BIG BOY and trade in those Huggies for tiny white Fruit of the Looms–just like his Daddy’s.

Fortunately yes. I dropped it off at a concert hall gift store in New York and it just spread out from there. It’s at the gift shops of Carnegie Hall, the Kennedy Center in Washington, the Boston Symphony, the San Francisco Symphony and so on all across the country.

While traveling down Harmony Grove Church Road, Paulding County teacher Kristy Harrell was shocked to find a 2 year old wandering all alone in the street along the side of the road Tuesday Afternoon. Harrell said she saw a van, then what she thought was a dog until she realized it was a child. This child was not even 100 feet from the day care center. A pine straw was in his hair and dirt in his face.

A four or five year old might not know exactly what you mean when you say, “Clean up your toys.”. They know you want their toys put away, but they don’t have a clear strategy of understandable steps toward success. If you can take a few moments to break it down for them, you’ll get much more cooperation. Rather than feeling overwhelmed and confused, your kids have a step-by-step plan for how to “clean up”.

This huge farmers market runs from April through October in Downtown Overland Park. Located at the Clock Tower Plaza, just 2 blocks West of Metcalf between 79th and 80th Streets–features fresh produce, herbs, arts and crafts from farmers and growers around the metro and surrounding areas. Saturday starting at 6:30 am and Wednesday starting at 7:30am.

Option one was a Daycare Near Me across the street from the elementary school. The day care looked like it would work out fine for our 4 year old, especiallly with their inclusion of martial art. But, this school had high rates and the director was impolite. She was abrupt and verging on irritating. This caused us to keep looking.

Roanoke had a lot to offer for those looking for various day care options. The fees seemed high for after school care, but reasonable for day care during the day. A number of the schools had many teachers for only a few students, but others boasted about their certified teachers and the additional programs and field trips. It wasn’t effortless but we’re in a position to reduce our list to three options..

Your children are not forced to be compliant. They are not stuck in a chair for hours on end and they are not treated like adults. They are treated like the children they are. They are allowed to grow gracefully and confidently. They are able to communicate and interact with the world around them. By sending your children to a Montessori school you make it possible for them to be instructed without them losing interest or becoming bored. Everything is presented in an interesting manner that is easy to understand. Your child will be able to learn at his or her own pace, and when they have mastered a certain skill, they will be able to move on to the next. With this method of instruction, no child is left behind or by the wayside. No child is pushed beyond his or her capabilities.

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