Plan Out Your Own Stag Party And Surviving It!

Dr. Phil McGraw, life strategist and host of Dr. Phil show will make a free appearance in Detroit to discuss how to meet the challenges of living with purpose when times are tough.

The Big Dawg Series would like to thank all our sponsors for making this tournament the best of its kind. A special thanks to Nautiques for continuing to support this tournament year after year.

The next important thing to look at is the guests invitation. If you’re holding a kid’s party, guests mostly involves little children the same age as your child accompanied by their parents or guardians. With this, always plan it as 1 + 1 invitation: one child will come with one parent. But you can just provide one invitation for each child. Make sure that you also give the invitation at least 2 weeks before the party, ideally at least one month in advance. This will give guests the chance to arrange their schedules and spend time with your child’s birthday bash.

These same top amateur boxing champions are a few of the many that will be making their way back to Colorado Springs June 19-26 for the USA Nationals, determining who may eventually be representing the USA in the 2012 Olympic Games held in London, England.

For instance, one client has a large event location vienna (over 800 guests) and offers 80 to 100 items in her silent auction. She called me one day to discuss this. Here was our conversation.

When my turn at the register arrived, an unassuming case of orange tic tacs stood stoically between a bag of vine-ripe tomatoes and three stacked cans of albacore tuna. The bloops of items scanning started up rhythmically. Until the wedge of pepperjack cheese. The bloops accelerated as the cashier swiped it back and forth over the scanner, yet brought up nothing on the register. A wrinkled bar code. I was aching to get out of the store. The perpetual obstacles. The squat, dirty yellow “Warning: Wet Floor” sign slouched against the wall. The sickly tint and subtle eternal buzz of the fluorescent lights above. At last the cashier manually entered the cheese’s code and proceeded to ring me up.

Over time the human digestive system has adapted to digesting meat. Well somewhat adapted, meat still does not digest very well. Most of it comes out the same way it went in with very little of its nutritional value being used. Most biologist will tell you that one of the only things that saved the cave man was the discovery of fire. Cooked meat digests better than raw meat. Try eating raw meat some time and your body will most likely rebel and you will become violently ill.

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