Simple, Natural Foods That Help Heartburn

Yes! I think it is a good idea to serve fun non-alcoholic drinks to encourage a thirsty (and possibly dehydrated) guest to grab a fruity, refreshing drink instead of another cold beer or caffeine-filled Coke. It is a tremendous favor you can do for your guests.

Throw away the deep fat fryer and find more healthy ways to cook food. Grilling, broiling, steaming are healthier options that maintain the flavours of food and their nutrients.

There are cruises to every part of the world imaginable – South America, the Caribbean, Alaska, the Mediterranean, Scandinavia and the Fjords, Australia and Asia, just to name a few. There’s just something for everyone at any time of the year. No wonder cruising has become so popular.

Now, if you’re only problem is getting a red face, you might think of some home-made treatments. Asian flush hits everybody differently. It’s very possible that if you tried different things, you might be able to get rid of it.

Instead of serving soda or atacama desert in Houston, serve juice, fruit punch (not soda), lemonade, or water. You can even have milk handy as well. This way, they will have a healthy drink to go with their healthy food.

Walk your way to weight loss. One of the most effective ways of losing weight is by walking. It is convenient, doesn’t cost anything, and you can do it with a friend. Just be sure to have a good pair of walking shoes. Remember that whether you walk or run a certain distance, you will burn about the same amount of calories, and walking is a lot more relaxed! Start slowly and try to build it up so that you can walk comfortably for an hour using a moderate pace.

Have you ever wanted to learn ballroom or Latin dance? Or even just to refine your “social” dance skills? Then this is the Groupon for you. This deal allows you to schedule either a private or partner lesson (must use two Groupons for a partner lesson) at any of the Arthur Murray Dance Studios: Chicago, Glenview, Lincolnshire, Naperville, Oakbrook Terrace, or Schaumburg.

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