The Benefits Of Making Homemade Baby Food

I remember a friend I had years ago. Her children were a few years older than my own, but close enough they could enjoy one another’s company when my friend and I visited with each other. My friend was constantly on the go: volleyball, basketball, softball, football, church, chorus concert, and every other event under the sun. I thought it was a bit over the top and didn’t understand why she punished herself by going all the time. All it takes is a simple “no” to your kids – no, we can’t go out for that sport this year. It’s not traumatic, but it could help reserve a little bit of sanity.

Note: For new moms with infants, realize that your schedule is going to be a little unpredictable, so you may need some help until your baby is on a schedule that’s a little less exhausting!

Create a weekly schedule for meals, e.g. Monday might be pasta night, Tuesday – chicken, Wednesday – fish, etc. Look up some menu ideas to get you started.

Sometimes we get so caught up in the day-to-day obligations of meal prep desert, diaper changes, carpooling, appointment management, shopping, paperwork, and so on, that we forget the simple things.

Redo your dairy products to decrease fat and calories. Opt for lower fat or fat free milk, yogurt, cheese and sour cream. By replacing full fat dairy products you will lose calories and fat but still benefit from the protein and calcium your body needs. You can also choose artificial sweeteners for yogurt and cut your yogurt calories in half.

Another thing you can prepare for is your day or your week. Do you rush around from one thing to the next, barely able to catch a breath? Use this easy prepare-your-day strategy to be more in charge of your time. Wake up 15 minutes early. During this “found time” visualize your day. Imagine traveling to work, your meetings, and accomplishing results with ease. Then add anything to your calendar you may have forgotten about, and include some reserve time for delays. Start by writing your three most important priorities first in your schedule, then add the things you’d like to get to but which aren’t as important. Time only offers 24 hours in a day to each of us, so use it wisely. Schedule it for what matters most. When you have another 15-minute opening in your day, use it to plan the whole week.

Upon her advice, we installed a sliding pot shelf and a spice rack along with several vertical stacking trays inside the cabinets. We’ve made more room out of our existing space which seems to improve how we use, wash, and put away supplies.

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